Price change and booking info

Hello everyone,

As of October 1st I will be implementing some changes to prices and the way you book sessions. There are quite a few reasons for this which you can read further down if you want to but here is all the key info:

Option 1: this will remain as it currently is

£40 for a block of 5 classes to be used within 6 weeks.

Option 2:

£45 for a block of 5 classes to be used within 8 weeks.

Option 3:

£10 for a single class to be booked in advance by email or text.

Terms and conditions:

For block bookings any classes not used within the allocated time period will be lost.

For single bookings you can opt in as a "regular". If you do this you won't have to book each week, I just ask that you let me know if you will be missing a class.

And if you want to know my reasons for changing this:

- I feel as though lots of you are ready to start having consistently more challenging sessions and my hope is that by encouraging you to book in blocks I will be able to tailor the classes better as I will know who is attending.

- Block bookings encourage consistency and consistency leads to progress. It's easy to not fancy exercising after a long day, trust me I know this feeling well! But by committing to a block you are much more likely to stick at it and not let life get in the way of your health.

- my venue hire has increased and as much as I don't want to increase prices it needs to be viable for me to run classes.

I hope you understand why I am making these changes, I know change is never nice but I'm hoping that the outcome will be positive - more committed and consistent classes which are even more tailored to you.

As always if you have any questions or concerns please ask and if you haven't subscribed to the mailing list head to the website and sign up now, I usually share information there first.


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