Happy Sunday :)

It's Sunday again! Instead of dreading the end of the weekend why not take some time to set yourself up for a good week ahead.

By focusing your mind you will go into the week feeling less flustered and hopefully have an easier, smoother week.

Some ideas:

🌸Make a list of your meals for the week..don't forget to factor in what you will be doing each day..There's no point planning a big roast dinner if you are going to be out all evening.

🌸Plan slots in for exercise. Even if it's just 10 minutes of movement, plan it in. And treat it as you would any other appointment. It's important!

🌸Think about a few things that are important to you this week. Don't write a to do list as long as your arm. Trust me..I do this..it's unhelpful. Pick a few things that you can focus on and hopefully this time next week you can look back and feel happy that you gave those few things the right amount of attention.

🌸Plan for some you time! Whether it's a book, a hot bath or a catch up with a friend make sure there's time for you in your schedule no matter how busy you are!

Have a great week xx

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