Relax your shoulders

* Top tip *

Relax your shoulders! Well actually, move your shoulders. A lot of us end up so tense and hunched by the end of the day but with a little bit of maintenance throughout the day this feeling can definitely be reduced. Rather than wait til the evening when you feel like you need a hot bath or a good massage to release the tension why not try looking after your shoulders throughout the day.

Today why not try doing some of the following every couple of hours, at your desk, at the bus stop, on your lunch break..whenever you can.

* shoulder rolls - just roll your shoulders in whichever direction feels better

* big shoulder shrugs - lift your shoulders up to your ears and then relax them down

* shoulder rolls with your hands on your shoulders

* arm circles (if you have space!) just float your arms up over your head then circle them back round to your sides

* when sitting at your desk check every now and then that your shoulders are relaxing back and down. You don't want to be uncomfortable, just imagine gently pulling your shoulders away from your ears

Simple! Nice easy steps for happy shoulders. Do you suffer with achy shoulders? If you do give this a try a few times today and let me know if it helps :)

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