Let's get it ommmm 🎶

Let's talk meditation.​​

I'm guessing as soon as you read that you pictured someone sitting cross legged on the floor, omming away, maybe even a bit of incense floating about, mind clear of any thoughts.  

Well stop right there!  That's ONE version of meditation. It's a really effective version...for some people. For average Joe, maybe not so much. 

I have been hearing a lot lately that meditation is hard or "not for me".

"How do you clear your mind, how can you just sit and breathe, my back aches trying to sit up straight for 10 minutes"...the list goes on.  

We all kind of know that meditation is something we want or should have in our lives but it can seem so disconnected from our actual reality. 

With a child hanging off my leg demanding more snacks I don't feel very zen. If you take the tube to work that's not very zen. Diary is jam packed... No chill there. 

Life can just seem too busy to fit it meditation. " Emptying" your mind can seem like a waste of time. 

It's not. Simple as that. The benefits of meditation are a whole other post but for now just take my word for it. Meditation can change the way your brain works which in turn can change your life, and that isn't even an exaggeration! It will bring you huge benefits...if you can get past the hurdles. 

Let me help. 

But first: 

Before you try and do anything meditationy it's time to change your expectations. 

In the middle of a crazy day just stopping and emptying your mind is an overwhelming and probably unachievable task. Take the expectation of instantly clearing your mind and throw it out of the window. 

Done? OK..now what? 

Well you've got to find your groove. There is no one magic trick to become a master meditator. I'm definitely not one. You have to put in the leg work and find what works for you...boring I know.

Before you read on, stop for a moment. What are the main things that get in the way of you meditating? Really think, make a list ( I love a good list!).