My top tips for when you have no motivation

Ok so I'm very familiar with those times where you have zero motivation. Maybe you've used it all up, maybe you are tired, or maybe you just hate the amount of effort required to live that "healthy lifestyle". So I thought I'd share some tried and trusted tricks to help when you just want to binge watch Netflix and binge eat junk!


Motivation isn't endless. We can't rely on our motivation to keep us going.

It's easy to feel motivated at first to exercise or to eat well but after the novelty wears off you need something more. So I always try to plan ways to fit being healthy into my day. Plus I love lists and planning wastes a bit more time before I have to do anything! It's as simple as writing down the days of the week and then next to them writing down "Pilates", "walking" or whatever you think you might actually be able to do. Once you have something next to a few of the days you are winning! The same goes for food planning. Just write a list of healthy meals next to the days of the week and have your healthy meal plan. This way you aren't relying on motivation or inspiration, just look at your list throughout the week and stick to it...simple!


Ok so it's not actually that simple to just "stick to it". If you start your health kick on Monday by Wednesday you may notice your motivation starting to dip. When/if this happens think about why you started? To feel better? Look better? Move better? Whatever it is, it was enough to get you started so remember why you are doing this and then remind yourself that if you stop today you'll just have to start this whole cycle again next Monday or whenever you next get that burst of motivation.


Tell someone your goals. Text a friend, talk to your partner or better yet find a buddy who wants to improve their lifestyle too. The more you talk about it the more your motivation will grow and it helps to have someone there to give you a little boost on the days when you just want chocolate and your sofa. Bring your friend to Pilates, go for a run or find a fun dance class. Or just text eachother throughout the day to see how it's going.

Practice kindness

Most important of kind to yourself. You want to make changes. That's great. But I'm sure even the healthiest people have off days. The trick is to be kind. "Oh I just ate a whole tub of Ben and Jerry's"... shouldn't be the start of you beating yourself up. Accept any bumps along the way, let them pass and then get straight back on with being the healthiest you that you can negative self talk required.

So there are my best tips..I use them often! What do you do to stay motivated? I would love so more ideas!

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