The quest for healthy living

So most of you will assume that as a Pilates instructor I live a pretty healthy life..and to an extent you'd be right. But let's keep it real, I'm a regular girl with a super sweet tooth suffering from sleep deprivation with a typically demanding toddler..that all adds up to make healthy living a bit of a challenge. So I wanted to share my top tips for living healthy, hopefully you'll find some small ideas you can take into your daily life to make baby steps towards a healthier life.

Forget about Mondays!!! Firstly everyone hates Mondays so why do we always say we will start on this imaginary Monday? And secondly, don't use that illusive Monday as an excuse to give up half way through the week. If you aren't being healthy and you know it then start now, no need to wait for next Monday. Start living the life you love now and if there's a mishap finish your bar of chocolate, shake it off and get back to being the healthiest version of you. Don't overcommit Yes it's great to plan in 5 exercise sessions a week and decide to cut out dairy, gluten, meat and refined sugar but in reality that's just crazy! If you aren't very active at the moment don't try and be the next Usain Bolt. Start by planning in one or two shorter sessions a week and slowly build up if and when it feels right. Ditch the crap and stay aware If you are anything like me, keeping junk in your cupboard will give your willpower too much of a workout. The chocolate digestives or crisps in the cupboard..they call to me! So I don't keep junk food in my house. If I have a day where I really NEED that biscuit I have to consciously decide to either pop to the shop or visit my mum(lifesaver!). But then it's a conscious choice rather than me just mindlessly eating junk. Stock you fridge/ cupboard with good food and you will eat good food. Don't see being healthy as a goal with an end date Being healthy isn't like a regular diet or exercise regime. It's about making small changes to your everyday life that slowly add up. Get off the bus a stop early for an extra walk. Buy yourself a nice water bottle to encourage you to drink more water. Find a great new recipe on Google and invite your bestie over for dinner and a chat. Little, realistic changes all add up to a healthier you. And above all, be realistic and be kind to yourself. Nobody's healthy every day but every little helps. ♥♥

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