But why?

So I know a lot of people who either want to change their weight or get fitter or both. They want to see that certain number on the scales. Or they want to run x number of miles. And if I ask "why" it's usually oh I just want to lose weight/ be skinnier/musclier/run a 5K race.

And then I wonder (or ask them) "but why"? Seeing a number on a scale doesn't really mean much. Why do you really want to change your weight?

Finding a different reason behind your desire to change can make things much easier. For example I want to eat in a certain way because I have a toddler watching my every move and I want him to learn to make the right food choices.

I exercise because I have arthritis (yuck!) and don't like to creak everywhere. I want to be fit and strong so that even though my buba is now huge I can still carry him around the forest without straining my back! Plus he's a speedster and chasing him is forcing me to get fitter! These reasons motivate me much more than just wanting to be slim. Instead of saying I want to lose weight and thinking that's a complete sentence think of what you can add to it. I want to lose weight and exercise so I feel more confident..so I have more energy..so I feel happier in myself...so I can sleep better..so I'm strong enough to carry my grandchild and fit enough to dance to my favourite tunes. Try and think of a reason other than the number on the scales or the distance that you run to motivate you..you might find that if you really think about it you have a much stronger, more motivating reason to be healthy.

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